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Van WindParken

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This wiki allows the inhabitants of the Netherlands to do spatial planning. The aim is to design 6000 windturbines in the Dutch landscape. This wiki presents initial designs for many local communities. The designs follow some simple design rules. In this way Dutch Design for windfarms is made available to everyone that dares to apply this on the regional landscape.

The locals are invited to improve the design for their own area. By being involved in the design of windturbines, they have a chance to own part of a windturbine, and have their electricity for the lowest price, the Dutch way as we know it.

The wiki is a way to cooperate on the design of the windturbines locations. This resembles the way the Dutch build their dikes for centuries: together.

Example of the Den Haag and Rotterdam area. The green lines are designs for rows of windturbines, with a turbine every 800 m. The lines flow through the countryside like rivers, around areas with less support,and through areas with more support, where locals want to earn some money with their own windturbines.
By the way, this is the area, where the US made their "Invasion of the Hague act" for.


Local ownership

The ownership of part of a windturbine, will put windenergy in a different perspective for many inhabitants of the Netherlands. Many of them find that they live in a crowded country. However if you look more closely at the designs on this wiki and zoom in, you will see that there is still very much space available in the Netherlands.

Ambition: all electricity produced by windturbines

The goal of this wiki is to prove that the Dutch can produce all of their electricity with 6000 on land windturbines of 3 MWatt, and that these can be designed in the Dutch countryside in an acceptable, even attractive way.

The purpose of setting a goal like this, is to get politicians moving in the direction they say the Dutch society has to go. The politicians themselves are the ones that block this change.

Let not your ambition be reduced by its feasibility

Design rules for wind farm locations

  • A wind farm should be designed as a long line, that flows through an area.
  • Wind turbines on the line should be planned on equal distances,
  • About 8 km or more away from a specific wind turbine line, there should not be other lines prominently visible for a viewer in the area.
  • The wind farm wiki shows possible designs, local communities could adopt a design and improve it, and preferably think of alternatives too. Then other, less involved inhabitants of the region can have a simple choice between several alternatives farm.
  • The aim should be to generate 100% energy locally, by and for the citizens that live in that area, including towns, every region should try to create wind farm designs for local generation, and then see if they need locations in a neighbouring area.
  • If a (part of) wind farm design has gathered support, the official planning steps of the project can start. Of course, local authorities and elected representatives, may help this process by designating specific areas for regional wind turbines, as an indication of democratic preference.

summary good looking wind farms

  • wind farms should be designed as good looking lines
  • citizens in the area should have the first right to invest, for a max amount per family.
  • landowners can bring in their land in a wind bank, and share the room for investment in the project among each other on a relative amount of land they have in the wind bank.
  • local authorities can be proactive and designate very specific areas to good looking wind farm, before land owners and project developers come with their plans.
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